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Atmosphere in Motion (Earth Science Class) - Essay Example

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Atmosphere in Motion (Earth Science Class)

The advantage of using the aneroid barometer is that the readings are more accurate and that a week’s worth of data is recorded with each cylinder.
Coriolis Effect: Wind moves to the right of the direction of the body motion for counterclockwise rotation of the frame of reference, or to the left for a clockwise rotation; this is called the Coriolis Effect. The pressure gradient force and the Coriolis Effect work together to channel the air flow. The pressure gradient force causes air to start moving across the isobars; as soon as the air starts to move, the Coriolis Effect acts at right angles to this motion. Friction is an additional factor that has a significant effect on the wind, changing both its velocity and its direction. Friction causes wind to decrease, thus decelerating the Coriolis Effect. This makes the wind corkscrew away from the high pressure centers and into the low pressure centers in the Northern Hemisphere. It has the contrary effect in the Southern Hemisphere.
A wind in a cyclone blows counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. Winds in an anticyclone blow just the opposite; the isobars are far apart, resulting in lighter winds. In cyclones, air closest to the ground is forced inward toward the center of the cyclone, where the air pressure is lowest. It then begins to rise upward, expanding and cooling in the process. These isobars are closer together, which creates a steeper gradient pattern, thus higher, stronger winds. Cooling increases humidity in the rising air, which produces increased clouds and elevated humidity in the cyclonic winds.
- Land and sea breezes, winter and summer monsoons. Land and sea breezes are caused by the air pressure in differing temperatures. The land breezes flow from the cooler land towards the warming sea in the daylight, the sea breezes flow in the opposite direction from the cooler sea towards the warmer land mass at night. A ...Show more


The empty tube is placed in mercury dish. The air in the atmosphere pushes against the mercury in the dish, causing the mercury to rise in the barometer.
- Aneroid…
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Atmosphere in Motion (Earth Science Class) essay example
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Atmosphere in Motion (Earth Science Class)
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