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An Evaluation of Emergency Plan for Hurricanes and Natural Disasters

rs, it has been observed that these changes have been occurring quite more often in today’s world due to atmospheric and climatic imbalances that appear in different natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and most recently the tsunami that have shattered the lives of many in past few years and most recently in Japan. It has been observed that with every hazard that occur, it becomes highly important for the state to react and take spontaneous measures to tackle the situation immediately for becoming more grave and to lower down the intensity of the situation by implementing a thorough strategy that outlines the quickest most relief efforts on immediate basis to help the victims and the affectees of the disaster. For countering such serious situations, it is very important for the governments around the world to take strong measures and to have an emergency plan or a policy that defines all the phases required for early relief and recovery of the localities hit by the disaster.
It is highly imperative to understand the significance of the disaster management plan and the whole process that is involved in relief operation during the time of disaster and it is also very important to understand that how the success of the plan can be acquired through its implementation. Disaster management is a strategy that is devised in case of any natural calamity happens. It has also been termed as the disaster recovery management that can be strategized and become operational during the time of any disaster or a major catastrophe that can affect the human population on a large scale. Around the world in majority of the countries where natural disasters become a part of their lives, governments strategize such disaster or emergency plans for quick relief measures in order to restore the normal operations or the routine life in the areas hit by disasters. The disaster management policy or plan depends on certain essential elements. But one of the ...
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Natural disaster can be termed as the naturally occurring incidents that leave their devastating effects on the lives of human beings causing irreversible damages to them and to their properties due to uncertain and abnormal changes in the atmospheric conditions. Physical…
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