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Ethanol Alcohol - Research Paper Example

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Ethanol Alcohol

It is not thus converted for supply to the tissues or cells. Only about 20% of the alcohol is directly absorbed into blood via walls of the stomach while the rest directly goes to the bloodstream by way of the small intestine (Dunlap). A very low dose of ethanol alcohol is just as powerful to affect the brain’s memory and make the processing of new information complicated for the hippocampus. “Somebody who drinks too much, the next day doesnt remember what happened during that time, but yet at the same time has the ability, unfortunately in certain cases, to drive home after drinking a lot” (Gislason 86).
Ethanol affects the energy metabolism of carbohydrates which causes the glycogen level inside the muscles and the liver to recess. Ethanol causes loss of structural tissue because it is catabolic in nature. This effect causes an individual to lose more weight than what he/she may gain from the in-take of calories. This is one of the most fundamental effects sought by the consumers of ethanol alcohol. The fat rather moves over to the trunk and belly leaving the individual with a weaker and skinnier appearance. As a result of the accumulation of estrogen inside the body, men may experience an enlargement of breasts. The degeneration of body destroys their personality and turns a macho man into an irritated person. Consumption of ethanol alcohol can also cause many diseases to occur.
Up to 80 percent of alcoholics, however, have a deficiency in thiamine (15), and some of these people will go on to develop serious brain disorders such as Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome (WKS) (16). WKS is a disease that consists of two separate syndromes, a short–lived and severe condition called Wernicke’s encephalopathy and a long–lasting and debilitating condition known as Korsakoff’s psychosis. (NIAAA).
Occasionally ethanol alcohol may be employed for ...Show more


Ethanol alcohol is a carbohydrate that is a simple molecule which provides cells with energy when it is burned. The non-necessary nutrient Ethanol serves as a cellular toxin and an…
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Ethanol Alcohol essay example
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