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Essay example - Environmental Ethics

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Jerry Mander describes “pro technology paradigm” as the way the world embraces technological developments claiming that through technology life made much easier and comfortable. Technology has made life bearable and easy as difficult tasks can now be performed by use of…

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The lives of many citizens are still difficult trying to make ends meet satisfaction is yet to be achieved through technology (Mander 29).
The people who are in support of technology claim that the concept has brought a standardized lifestyle characterized with speed meaning that transportation enhanced and information retrieved easily (Mander 30). People offered with the freedom, to make preferences this encompasses the skill to jobs and items of choice. Leisure time and spending has also been promoted since technology has improved the weight of work and has enabled people to have time for rest and pleasure times, but Mander argues that none of these advantages inform more about human contentment, delight, safety or the power to prolong life in the world. Mander does not agree that having lots of choices of products in the market makes life satisfactory as judge against friendship, affection and a reasonable work. He further says that choice cannot be equated; to freedom since the technology development controls a person’s mind and influences new experience that eventually make the choices of commodities in the market (Rhodes 35).
He also argued on the subject of leisure, watching television and going for shopping considered by the modern man as leisure, but with the increased automation and robotics leisure, time will change used in searching for items over the internet ad employment opportunities that are scarce in nature (Mander 31). In contrast, in the Stone Age period people then had more time for leisure which they used for meditation and contemplating about life. The modern man uses technology to find solutions, and many have abandoned their spiritual background. Furthermore, critics have noticed that the modern man spends lots of time and money to cater for technological gadgets lacking time for pleasure and rest (Braziller 55).
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