How does communication affect operations in chain hotels?

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When looking at chain hotels, there is a stronger implication of the organizational structure which is needed and what communication…


Examining the organizational structure, management plan, service context and the characteristics of chain hotels makes a difference in how many respond to the hotel management. Each of these combines with the need of having the correct level of communication. Examining how communication fits into each of these regions will be the main objective of this research study.
The association with hotel management for chains is one which has developed into a variety of models and expectations within the industry. The industry of hospitality and the organizational development that is a part of each structure is one which is developed with the ideology of service first. Having hospitality management, customer service and alternatives to assist guests with personalized needs with booking hotels and staying in a specific room are the main associations that are a part of this. This is followed by enhancement of the organization that is a part of the management and the way in which the industry functions. The need to offer the right services has led to management groups, operation rooms and divisions in different forms of hospitality, including housekeeping and food and beverage alternatives. This is combined with the management required for the overall hotel divisions, including marketing, finances and human resources that are required for a hotel to work effectively (Rutherford, O’Fallon, 2006).
The importance of the organizational structure to manage the services of a hotel has expanded with the current initiatives that are within hotels. The chain hotels require specific services not only based on the management and divisions. There are also models which are based on hotels keeping uniformity and offering a high standard of service to continue with operations. The specific component is with the environmental awareness that is within the hotels and how this links to the customer interpretations and the ...
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