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Human Resources Training Plan

It is said so because need analysis defines the gap which exists between current and desired state of organizational and individual performance.
The basic purpose of conducting need analysis is to measure the performance and resolving issues related to performance or in case of introducing new technology, task or system or a when an organization desires to take advantage out of an opportunity. There are several ways of providing training to employees in order to polish and sharpen their performance. Some of these methodologies should be included by the firm as training programs in order to build the working capacity of employees.
Off-the-job training includes activities through which employee can get training by being out of the workplace. Distance learning, working day releases, self study, sponsored courses are some examples of off-the-job training which must be included while designing a master plan.
Appraisal reviews helps in knowing what types of penetrations and variations are required to be included in the training program. Feedback of workers and employees can help in developing a genuine and constructive appraisal review.
Difficulty Analysis is commenced in order to determine which type of tasks cause greatest amount of difficulties to employee and how they can be resolved through better training. Difficulty analysis is constructive in enabling the need analysis to weigh different aspects of training in relation to reducing the trouble that the workers might face.
Motivation is vital for employee development and capacity building. Intrinsic motivation depends on self esteem, self confidence etc. Individual program should be made in order to deal with employees separately as every other person has different level of intrinsic motivation. Individual employees program should stress on the importance of skills, attitude and other assets that can boost the confidence of employee.
Organizations should establish these ...
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The training and capacity building is a matter that holds huge attention of large organization especially because employees are considered as the fuel for organization and they must be trained and skilled properly in order to meet organizational goals and objectives.
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