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Lower Body Injury

In football and rugby, traumatic injuries are the major contributors while in basketball, lawn tennis, hockey and badminton sudden stopping and twisting tops the list. However, no sport is limited to a single cause.
The major symptoms include mild to severe pain, swelling of the knee joint, audible click or pop in the knee, and at times knee lock occurs. The magnitude and the number of the symptoms observed in a casualty are not fixed (Engebretsen & Bahr 2011). In many case they vary depending on the severity of the injury.
In case of a cartilage tear, the patient is first given a physiotherapy treatment to lessen the pain and inflammation or swelling of the joint. This involves application of ice parks at interval of 20 minutes hourly. For severe cases, the patient is hospitalized immediately (Engebretsen & Bahr 2011).
Returning to the field to play once again may be immediate depending on how fast the knee settles down, swelling and pain disappearing. Although in complicated cases, this will be indefinite. This is because it is subject to type of treatment given and rehabilitation period based on the doctor’s opinion (Engebretsen & Bahr 2011).
In sports, tearing of cartilage is not an injury that can be easily prevented. However, there are measures that can be employed to minimize the frequencies of such occurrences. In the field, players in any particular sport should avoid playing or training in uneven or grounds, do warm up activities before engaging in any intense physical sport and should have a knee strap to aid in restriction of joint rotation but permits knee movement. Also performing exercises that develops thee quadriceps and hamstring muscles can be handy in preventing cartilage tear (Sohn & Toth ...
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This results in excessive stress in the cartilage causing it to split or tear. This essay will focus on cartilage tear of the lower body, and the…
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