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Management 3000

However, achieving effective interpersonal skills is a process. The initial stage in the process of efficient interpersonal skills involves an individual’s understanding of self. It is common knowledge that, an individual cannot seek to understand others before effectively understanding self. After the individual has effectively understood self, the next stage involves understanding other individuals they work with. The next step involves understanding the team and its dynamics. Once an individual accomplishes these stages effectively, they are ready to manage and lead others in a workplace organization. In effect, the stages eventually lead to successful management and consequent productivity in the workplace.
The journey to effectively achieving interpersonal skills starts with an individual developing self-awareness. Through self-awareness, an individual develops the ability to understand their own feelings, the reason for those feelings, and the impact of the feelings on their behavior (De Janasz, Dowd and Schneider 5). It is crucial to note that, feelings are crucial in guiding an individual to exhibit some reactions when they are in a situation. Case in point, in the movie Twelve Angry Men, one juror’s feelings about slum people as drunks and liars who
fought all the time made him consider the suspect guilty since he was from the slum. In this case, the feeling about slum people this juror had, circumstantially led him to passing a guilty verdict without carrying out an effective and rational assessment of the evidence available.
In a management career, self-realization and awareness are crucial and a manager should follow certain steps in order to achieve realization. The fundamental step towards the self-awareness process is creating a list of an individual’s strength. In effect, the individual should analyze and utilize these strengths in guiding their career ...
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Skills involving leading people in a team, retaining staff in the work place, coping with diversity, developing a work environment that is positive, inspiring the…
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