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Why is Alexander McQueen the designer an icon or important? How did this designer match the zeitgeist of his/her time? Describe in detail the essence of this designer’s style. - Essay Example

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Lee Alexander McQueen or better known for his middle name, Alexander, was a visionary artist who used fashion to convey his thoughts that oftentimes appeared shocking to many. His emergence in the fashion world brought not just glamour but art in such a way only a few artists…

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Why is Alexander McQueen the designer an icon or important? How did this designer match the zeitgeist of his/her time? Describe in detail the essence of this designer’s style.

McQueen’s extraordinaire visions and remarkable skill of executing a grandiose production explain the reason behind the fame, commercially and critically. His shows discussed current issues, spoken or not, that enchanted viewers and placed him in a totally different league to a lot of designers.
McQueen always started any collection with a concept of how he wanted the runway presentation to be. His conceptualization didn’t end with designing clothes but also extended to all other details of the presentation; music, stage, theme, etc. His works were often always based on his state of mind at a particular time and oftentimes, they were dark. His historical influence was heavily romanticism, tracing back to the darkest part of the 19th century. He challenged the minds of his viewers through his shows’ political tone, which channelled their cultural concerns and qualms that made his shows a little tough to watch. The texture of his designs for women could be compared to armours, which gave a hint for women empowerment. To McQueen, runway is primarily to express thoughts and not just ...
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