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Human resorces

Considering myself in the place of Joan, as director of scientific computing, I need to take Fred into confidence that I won’t let him down in my next appraisal recommendation for yearly hike. The difference in the salary would be compensated by offering a better yearly appraisal in salary to Fred than it would be offered to Bob. It would certainly reduce the difference and from there onwards, both the employees would be advised not to share their salary details, as it would tantamount to breach of the contract with the company.
The bank needs to provide the related documents of the white employee who has not been reporting for work the same duration of time as has been on leave Ruth Wittman. The bank would also have to provide details of the white worker who was permitted to go outside the bank compound to verify the causes offered by the white employee for taking a break from the working hours so that the bank could prove the genuineness on its part by not permitting Ruth for the same. The bank also needs to provide the record of the employee who was not given heavy packets of checks for processing to prove that white employee was attending the training program and the training period of that white employee was yet to finish.
If I were the EEOC District Director, I would take a decision in support of Ruth Wittman. My explanation for such a decision would be based on the issues highlighted by Ruth, indicating the practice of racial discrimination by the manager. Ruth gave three arguments, wherein she has stated color as the cause of giving Ruth a rough and biased treatment by the bank. The concerned bank did not present the specific records before the EEOC District Director to prove its argument; in stead the bank preferred to give reference of the policy and procedure and ignored the need to present some hard evidence against the blame of Ruth.
Jack Otto should bring it to the notice of Bob Hill by calling him in his cabin and ...
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Any salary reward between two employees needs to be compatible, as per an employee’s qualification and relevant experience. Here, in this case, the salary of Fred who holds 7 years experience is less than Bob who has only…
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