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Letter of Advice

This love evolves, grows and matures with the passing years. Feelings and experience in the initial phases may be revisited later in life but in a different and quite possibly, mature manner. But the consistency in feelings and love over the years and decades, though in different facets, is more than worth gold’s exchange rate (Chapman, 2010).
Also, what keeps the understanding and mutual love ablaze is friendship. A spark in the fire is what romance acts like in relationship, leading to intimacy when aroused and smothered when not fed up properly. Friendship, on the contrary, is like a warm bed of coal that keeps affection as a constant.
Sacrifice is vital, but not the only factor to live with. Too much of it would lead to unhappiness for both of you. Cooperation in helping achieve each other’s dream is the best way to survive. This is because being human requires striking a balance with all sorts of needs (Puhn, 2010).
What has inspired me the most, I would thoroughly like to share it with you. Although the experience and evolution is a continuous affair, but what I would like to share with you will hopefully make you rethink and go over your ties with each again and again, just like every one in that session felt.
 The most frustrating fraction of any communication is the fact that people, heavily including me too, fail to understand the simplest of phenomenon that we all are different. Yet we complain, ‘why people get so difficult to communicate with?’
From our feelings, priorities, emotions, goals and ambitions to the minutest division of our being, the gene, is remarkably distinguishing from every one else. Truly this corner of our persona is usually is the roughest and difficult to deal with since it is mostly out of control (Hogan, Stubbs, 2003).
The barrier most difficult to surpass and deal with is the emotional barrier. What influences ...
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Being in a relationship and being committed in an engagement are different levels of dedications, while marriage, which is the epitome, surpasses the previous two levels of commitment. Since the inception of civilized living, men and women mutually direct them selves towards…
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