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Case Study Example

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Case Study
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The patient’s long history of smoking would easily be associated with lung cancer. The patient displays multiple symptoms that are often associated with hypercalcemia that has developed as a complication of lung…

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Some of the critical symptoms include appetite loss, weight loss, dulled mental ability, increased cough, hemoptysis, a history of lung cancer and tobacco abuse, wheezing, and muscle weakness. Apart from the abnormal figures obtained from the examination of the patient, there are other abnormal laboratory results. For instance, such patients also have levels of glucose that are above normal (hyperglycemia) with levels of sodium in some cases being below normal (hyponatremia) (Aladesanmi et al., 2005).
Based on the presenting symptoms, laboratory findings and radiographic evidence, the patient’s diagnosis is lung cancer with hypercalcemia as a complication. The patient had elevated levels of PTH-rP which has been associated with shortened survival times. Additionally, another study revealed that hypercalcemia-leucocytosis syndrome is associated with paraneoplastic syndrome which is an indicator of poorer outcome in patients of lung cancer (Hiraki, et al., 2004). Therefore the prognosis is grave.
The girl is suffering from Vitamin D deficiency which has resulted in rickets. According to Berman (2002), children who presented to the hospital with a deficiency of Vitamin D often have stunted growth with bow legs. In some cases, such patients will have a history of having the disease within their family. The laboratory test revealed that the girl had abnormally low levels of calcium in her blood (hypocalcemia). The patient has a history of taking mil, and this eliminates the possibility of the cause of the hypocalcemia being dietary. The follow up laboratory tests on 25-hydroxy Vit.D and 1, 25 dihydroxy Vit.D were to evaluate the amount of these substances in blood. These substances particularly 1, 25 dihydroxy Vit D is responsible for regulation of blood calcium levels (Children’s health, 2010) . It does this by stimulating the absorption of calcium from the intestines. ...
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