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Childhood life in Swizterland

When students complete their primary school they are assumed to have completed their first portion of their education in different types of grade one school. These schools emphasize on occupational or academic subjects to different degrees. There are then the grade two schools which are not obligatory for students to attend. They include trade and gymnasium schools, which act as opening doors for students to the university. Despite the challenges faced by Swiss government, it has tried to provide standard life for its citizens.
Private schools in Switzerland are mostly found in the French speaking cantons. These schools provide quality education, and they offer various academic opportunities. Most of the children in Switzerland complete their primary education and this account for about 98%. There are about 10 universities that are managed by the cantons in Switzerland (Colombo, 2006). Four of the universities are located in areas speaking French, and four are located in the area speaking German. The universities in Switzerland are funded by the cantons as the confederation contributing about 53%. One- third of the contribution in higher education is directed to research and some to development. Research has shown that 49% of adult have tertiary education where the enrollment of men is about 53% while that of women is about 44%. The literacy rate of men and women is approximately 99%. Swiss is well known for the high standard of education that it offers, and it is funded by the public. Switzerland concentrates on improving its education system because it has few natural resources for improving their economy and a country as a whole (Hug). It is because of this reason that makes many people continue studying even after they have completed their compulsory education. People prefer to take more that one course after finishing their compulsory education as this make them become diverse. It is very unfortunate for the education system because it ...
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This has resulted to Switzerland having 26 diverse arrangements of education based on different cultures and laws. Cantons make decisions on everything concerning the education system (Colombo, 2006). They decide on the…
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