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Emergency Communications

The rationale underpinning the technique is known as the fragmentation criteria. (Daniel et al, 3) Fragmentation of goal is meant to near it in a phased manner. During execution some steps might have to be rethought and corrective measures incorporated. Crisis management plans in big chunks would hinder such rethought in terms of cost and execution. Fragmentation of goal, on the other hand would make stepping back easier so that missteps in furtherance can be prudently avoided. The effectiveness of goal oriented approach in adopting fragmentation is well conceptualized by Pernici in her engineering endeavor. Although she is concerned with purely engineering aspects of fragmentation, her ideas of goal-fragmentation is notable. In the book on Systems Engineering she puts forth how the collected knowledge of fragment method would contribute to project objectives. The knack to fragmentation techniques is also envisaged by her. She suggests, pre-constructed goal models for selected fragments that could be retrieved from a repository, merged and customized with situational factors and later evaluated qualitatively. (Pernici, 424). The nuances in her presentation may be engineering specific. But an overall conceptualization of her goal-fragmentation technique could be made use of in any arena including emergency communication planning.
The most important aspect here to lay stress is that a deliberate skipping/omitting of ‘how to’ is necessary. Because, ‘how to achieve’ is purely the area of working crew. The mode of execution must be allowed to be selected and finalized by the working team by itself. For, emphasis of ‘how to’ by the planner will drastically reduce the speed of working team. Innovation in modalities by the work group would be obstructed. Instead of innovation, it will develop a sense of Damocles’ sword over the heads of working members. Such over- focus on the next command of ‘how’ will practically arrest the ...
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Plausible fragmentation of goals and time will facilitate effective monitoring of execution, which in turn will facilitate smooth achievement of results. An in-depth review of literature reveals that fragmentation techniques are welcome by business, scientific and engineering…
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