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Essay example - Letter to the Editor

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There is a recent outbreak of HIV among IDUs. This problem is affecting the youths who inject drugs in their bodies. In addition, all other drug dealers face this problem. Injecting…

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The transmission of the disease occurs on sharing of the needles and syringes. Some drugs abused have effects of do not care aspect coming from the drug abusers. They often exchange or share the needles and syringes containing the drugs. In the process of sharing, if one drug user is an HIV positive, the virus will end up spreading to many more users when they share the needles. Therefore, injecting drugs Users constitute a health threat to the local population. The main reason why IDUs should be focused is that most are young people. They spread HIV to the rest of the people because they are more sexually active. This means that the future generation will be at risk.
HIV sequences comparison from newly reported cases amongst injecting drug users has been used. Similarities of the genome got identified. This sums up that the virus must be circulating among drug users. Other data collected by clinical monitoring are represented for injecting drug users. HIV among the IDUs has remained a neglected issue. Policies have been many concerning drug control, but the level of a country to address HIV among IDUs is extremely low. In most cases, prevention services are limited. IDUs get no care or support from any source even when the funding of the HIV prevention measures got put into consideration. My main objective in this letter is to come up with an appealing solution to help curb this problem of HIV amongst IDUs (W.H.O., 2004).
It is not necessary to stigmatise anyone as the cause of this but rather focus on the risk and take appropriate health action to stop the spread of the virus. Recent studies show that the IDUs remains excluded from the anti retroviral therapy and even basic care. To solve this problem, we need a multi combination of methods to at least be effective. This guide is put down for all institutions, individuals and ...
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