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Writing Business Letters 1 - Essay Example

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The parents’ opinions might be genuine, but skewed in other quarters. However, choosing to save a life at the expense of another, equally important life…

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Writing Business Letters 1

In this case, two wrongs would not make a right. It is better for the medical team involved to pursue ways and means of saving the life of the stronger twin than allow the death of both the conjoined twins. The religious position held by the parents of the twins would surmount to double tragedy since it would result to the death of both the twins. It is also in order for the medical fraternity to preserve the right of children by trying to save the life of at least one of the twins. This will be in line with their professional ethics.
The religious stance in most of such cases advocates for life rather than death. Therefore, the judges’ decision however moral and legal is also religiously sound. This is because their decision they made echoed the religious principle of saving life. In cases of life and death, preserving life would be more moral and pragmatic. Therefore, the court’s decision in this matter to disregard the parent’s religious opinions is ...
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Writing Business Letters 1
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