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summary about Oklahoma movie

Despite the fact Laurey wants to show she does not care so much about Curly, she is in love with him. They finally decide to go together, but because Laurey is afraid of Jud she suddenly changes her mind. At the box-social, Curly pays the biggest price in a contest over Laurey’s food box. He has sold what he owned and was able to pay $42.31, quite a big sum for that time (the beginning of the 20th century). In three weeks, Curly and Laurey are to marry. Their merry event is overshadowed by Jud’s drunk intrusion. Jud breaks in and threatens his ex-rival with a knife. A brawl starts. Jud falls on his own knife and dies. Curly is acquitted of Jud’s murder and the newlyweds ride off on their exciting honeymoon.
The second pair, Ado Annie and Will Parker, too, get married at the end despite Ado was about to change her mind. Specifically, Will wanted to marry Ado, but had to get the sum of $50 just because her father said so. When he returns from the fair in Kansas-city, he finds out that he has to compete for Ado’s affection with Ali Hakim, a Persian peddler. While Will was away, Ado fell for Hakim who was just flirtatious but did not mean to marry her. Ado’s father insists that Hakim marry Ado as he sees his flirt, at the same time Will has lavishly spent his $50 on gifts. Because Hakim, a ladies’ man, does not want to marry Ado and thinks it will be good if Will did, he pays him $50 for his presents, which is the way for Will to win Ado’s hand. Finally, Will and Ado get together to discuss their future prospects, i.e. their ...
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tells the story of Laurey and Curly’s romantic relationship, and in the subplot the story of romantic relationship of Laurey’s friend Ado Annie and her suitor Will. The protagonists of the movie, Laurey Williams and Curly have fallen in love with each other but…
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