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business weekly assi. #11

Creates critical paths for the task and also plans the allocation of the resources (About Gantt Charts).
To create the Gantt chart, firstly all the work done should be listed on the left side; the list should be linear and starting with the most recent one. This chart helps in time management as well, it estimates the starting time of the task and the ending time as well thus creating the list of activities that need to be completed during the task. This is popular in offices and for personal use as well. By planning thoroughly on the chart all the members gets the idea of what is expected by them and under what time limit. By using the Gantt chart, the project members are assigned tasks and also in certain circumstances changes could be made in the task ...
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The purpose of charts is to make the information easier for depiction, by adding charts in a presentation or a document so that the other party understands the situation easily and quickly as well. At first Pie chart was introduced but later different sorts of charts were…
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