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The world as we know it was once a diverse ecosystem with an amazing pool of resources that could sustain itself and still afford man enough for himself and his activities. In those days, there was a balance in the ecosystem leading to harmony between man and the environment…

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s ecosystem but some people are against such a notion, saying that we are overlooking certain important and welcome changes contributed by the same overpopulation. These arguments have been laid across by some prominent biologists, economists and other professionals pursing the issue publicly. This paper shall highlight those contrasting debates and reach a conclusion on the same.
Going back in time, there have been reports that the population of the world has more than tripled over the last century. According to Sticklor (2011), our numbers were at one billion in 1900 but has been recorded to a whooping seven billion to date with an estimation of nine and a half billion by the mid this century. This is a relatively large figure to comprehend considering the short period involved in the case scenario. Some obvious changes are bound from the population experienced. The competition for resources has become the order for the day as everyone is trying to get his or her own share of their basic rights and living needs. Man goes against all odds to ensure that he has food on his table and this includes cutting down nature’s valuable forests in an attempt to make a living. This move has led to severe deforestation in most regions of the world, since there is usually no replacement for the fallen forest cover. Governments’ actions to mobilize its people on planting more trees have been futile since they may succeed at starting nurseries, but to get back to normal would require longer periods of time yet the effects continue to be felt. A cause and effect relationship is created as a loss of forest cover leads to a loss of water catchment areas, which in turn contributes to an imbalance in the weather patterns paving way for lack of rain and in extreme cases drought will be experienced.
Man’s activities are at play in the illustration above but deforestation is not the only destructive habit. Owing to his intelligence, the human mind has lead to some technological ...
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