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The term is used in a widespread manner in various organizations these days and is one of the vital phenomena for the success of the workplace. Training pertains to the obtaining of skills, knowledge, and competencies as an outcome of the practical or vocational skills and the knowledge that refers to the particular functional competencies. Training at workplace relates to some special goals such as enhancing an individual’s performance, capability and capacity. It builds the basis of apprenticeships and links with the provision of the fundamentals of employee improvement at the organizations.
There are various types of training methods and the primary determinants of these types are associated more to the organization’s distinctiveness than to the characteristics of the individual worker. For instance, there are more formal training types provided in the larger organizations than the training modes available to employees in the smaller companies. The small-scale organizations normally encourage employees to engage themselves in self-training. Moreover, it has been observed that the organizations that stress upon the development of employees’ skills offer more diverse opportunities of training than the companies which do not. Moreover, the organizations which possess a greater degree of unpredictability in the software environment are more likely to provide on-line training.
The workplace training is an important element in the employee grooming, retention as well as satisfaction. It increases the employee’s commitment to the organization and develops their physical, cognitive and spiritual dimensions. Besides this, training is a significant aspect because it is aimed upon enhancing the employee performance, and contributes towards the organizational flexibility by adapting to the altering external and internal corporate environments. The training process at organization not ...
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In the present era of increasing advancements, innovation and progress, the organizations are moving towards attaining resilience and growth. Therefore, for such purposes, it…
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