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Research Paper example - Teen Suicide. Tesis statement: More education, funds and time should be spent to prevent teen suicide, because a price cannot be put on a human life.

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Research Paper
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Trends in suicide, especially among teenagers, have been on a steady increase with reports that suicide is currently one of the major causes of deaths among teenagers. This paper seeks argue for the statement that more education, funds and time should be spent to prevent teen…

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Huddle and Schleifer explains, based on notes left by suicide victims, that a negative ‘self-perception’ among the victims and social frustration are among major cause of the tragic actions. Breakups in relationships and being rejected by the society are other factors. Similarly, inevitable separation from friends and family, sustaining a major injury or defect or causing such on another person are also cause teenage suicide. Great social or economic liability to other people has also been identified with frustrations leading to teen suicide. Even though these forces can overwhelm the youths, proper efforts through resources such as time, counseling, and direct financial assistance may offer hope against suicide (Huddle and Schleifer, p. 9, 10).
Preventive measures against teen suicide also support the investments as effective control measures. With adoption of domestic strategies through parental roles, parents can effectively save their children from committing suicide. One of the most effective social measures against teen suicide is listening to the youth. Being around to provide for the teens is not sufficient if the parent cannot understand the teen’s needs. The diverse causes of teen suicides also identify non-financial reasons as causes. As a result, parents need to make extra efforts to understand what their children are going through for possible early detection and control of suicide. This calls for psychological knowledge for parents, guardians and the teenagers, an identification of psychology based education in controlling the suicides (Tandem, p. 1).
The need to employ any necessary resource against teen suicide is also identified by the statistics that reveals suicide as the third highest factor that costs lives of the youths. This means that teen suicide is as serious an issue as chronic and contagious diseases that attract immense monetary and time ...
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