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Kant's Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals

attributes concerning this proposition, he specifically delineates immaturity as the initial stage at which an unenlightened man is to be found then only by finding courage with reason can an individual attain to the state of competence and abolish ignorance.
Kant argues that “our will is good when it is determined by reason” and the courage serves as a fuel toward the execution of reason. On this ground, humans are summoned to acknowledge responsibility by way of paying courage worth on initiating to acquire the pertinent means to discern oneself and create appropriate ethical response to the world. The power of reason is crucial and Kant promotes it for the sake of enlightenment much as he adheres to the power of reason for the purpose of obeying the dictates of universal law. Reflecting after this regard, I believe that the philosopher in his time desires to bring across resolution to the chaotic nature of man under the governance of reasoning so that a man discovers the potential advantage of being rational. For one to realize the value attached with duty, Kant likely conveys the requirement to appreciate reason.
Moreover, he seems to try to make sense of reason in the light of distinguishing an action that comes from the pure intention to perform duty from an action that emerges out of self-interest or inclination. Here, Kant calls for the need to understand how reason manages to sustain enlightenment in human and in turn, the enlightened condition naturally opts for a deed with moral quality. A man whose well-being has reached such an extent of intellect or thought can be expected to act based on the so-called ‘maxim’ with the basic principle that “the moral action is to do one’s duty”. This I suppose is equivalent to claiming that a morally conscious person is one who has been refined in the process of enlightenment out of which proceeds the imperative of goodwill. Practically speaking, our experience of the world reveals that it is ...
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Kant’s Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals, Kant exhibits conviction to his philosophy on the essence of reason and the significant role it plays on the capacity to accomplish one’s moral duty. Personally, I find his…
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