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math 5

(2) Find two informative websites that cover metric and or customary units and post a link to them. Discuss the similarities and differences between the two sites. Explain which site do you prefer and why?
The two informative websites are which presents the commonly used metric system of units and which demonstrates the US customary system of units. In the metric system, quantity pertaining to length, thickness, distance, or girth is measured in terms of ‘meter’ while the customary system consists of inch, foot, yard, and mile (statute or nautical). Based on metric units, the volume may be in millilitre (mL), cubic centimetre (cm3), liter (L), and cubic meter (m3) whereas based on the US customary units, liquid volume is quantified by the units in wide use like ounce, pint, quart, and gallon. I prefer the site for customary units because most people have become accustomed to them especially with reference to commodities in marketplace and other commercial establishments where measurements can be pictured with ease through containers and corresponding shapes that represent customary ...
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I suppose that conversions in the metric system are more convenient since all I have to recall are units ‘meter’ and ‘gram’ for standard measure of length and for standard measure of mass or weight, respectively. It is less difficult to recall such basis of measure…
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