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Rights of Management

own as The Labor Management Relation Act Of 1947 is law that marked a radical change in the federal regulation of industrial relations (Carper et al, 2008). This change was created after a vast number of large scale strikes were held to an extent of nearly disabling the steel, automobile and packing industries among others in the United States. These work mayhems severely affected the economy leading to panic from public. This act, which was an adjustment to the Wagner Act of 1935, was made to benefit all the parties that were involved in the labor agreement as the employees, employers and the labor union (Beik, 2005). Its passage of 1947 added new necessities to the former ‘which meant that its actual meaning would now depend upon the interpretation by the National Labor Relations Board, as well as, the courts’.
Taft –Hartley Act placed restrictions on unions that were already imposed on the employer which dictated that it was unlawful to contain workers who wanted to exercise their rights for self organization. (Dubinsky, 1994). Moreover, secondary strikes, boycotts and sympathy strikes especially those that were intended to influence employers, as opposed to those that the Union had contract with. Its first amendment entailed right to free speech that had been severely limited by the former laws, giving chances to employers to air their ideas on unionization only if the ideas are not incisive with threats or promises to employees. It also restricted the liability of employers based on managers’ actions to those who would be considered as a section of supervisors’ official duty. Additionally, the Act allowed states to enact right to work laws which illegalized the setting of union membership as employment condition although some states chose it while others bargained for changes to avoid conflict of interest.
According to Carper, et al. 2008, the Act made recommendation for the contract of labor to on either sides to bargain in good faith on the ...
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This paper discusses three pieces of legislation that have been very crucial in the United States with regard to defining the rights of management and unions. More over, it accesses the roles they play and for what reason.
Labor laws have been present all over the worlds due…
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