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"Have infant and toddler educational videos impacted quality parental interaction"?

As a result, television becomes not only their favorite pastime, but a tool for learning.
With the impact of television among the children aged 2, which almost takes over the lives of these children, their development, the biggest concern is their involvement with their parents, which weakens due to time they spend watching TV (Courage & Setliff, 2009). Videos and television have become the contemporary educators, which, some analysts argue, have taken over the role of parents for these children.
This essay shall undertake an analytical research to assess the declining ability of the parents to act as the educators and trainers of their children and how most of them have been reduced to mere ‘watchmen’. The essay shall incorporate the works of numerous analysts and researchers in the quest to assess the validity and application of the title of the work in today’s society.
In the research compiled by Garrison and Christakis (2005), many toddlers are addicted to videos in one way or another, especially the ones that teach them new songs, how to read, and how to play various forms of music. Most of the parents also do not have time to play with their children and teach them new games, an aspect that reduces the toddler to learning new games from the frequent programs, and videos aired on television and films related to play for the toddlers. An encouragement of the parents to allocate time for their children especially for play means that the kind of interaction present in the two parties is actually doubtful.
To clarify the intensity of the problem facing the toddlers who need ‘touch’ from their parents, videos have been produced that relate to the toddlers. These videos consist of colors, games, words and letters that provide the basis for introduction to toddler education. Though some analysts are of the opinion that ...
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In today’s contemporary world, the television and other video content have a high probability of affecting parent interaction with their infants and toddlers. It is almost obvious to indicate that a great percentage of infants and toddlers are highly exposed to these forms of…
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