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Essay example - IT-LMS

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As the use of technology in education has become more prevalent in higher education, the importance of Learning Management Systems (LMS) has also increased (Yueh & Hsu, 2008). The purpose of this research paper was to spell out the key areas of concern associated with Learning…

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The researcher discussed the possible frameworks for introducing LMS for the first time at an institution or for migrating from one LMS system to another. This research paper also highlighted the way this technology can negatively affect pedagogy at institutions as instructors are forced to teach in certain ways. The researcher discussed this challenge in depth within the context of modern distance education programs that incorporate blended learning.
Today’s education system still largely resembles the industrial age despite of the society’s shift to the so-called Information Age. In the industrial age, education placed the onus for learning on teachers and kept students passive. All students were treated as being the same with all expected to grasp and do the same tasks in the same amount of time (W. Watson & S. Watson, 2007). In today’s world, education stakeholders are demanding a more learner-centered education system to support the customized pace of instruction. It is difficult to see how it will be possible to achieve these new customized learning processes for individual learners without technology playing a central role. For this reason, over the past decade, there has been increased use of computers in education (W. Watson & S. Watson, 2007). This increased use of computers in education has resulted in literature that has an array of non-standardized terms and acronyms.
The three more popular technologies often cited in the literature are Course Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) (Coates, James, & Baldwin, 2005; W. Watson & S. Watson, 2007). LMS and these related technologies have the potential to meet these needs of today’s learners. This research will be focused on the integrated computer systems known as Learning Management Systems (LMS). It is therefore important to understand LMS, its merits and demerits, the way to implement it in institutions of ...
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