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Research Paper example - Analyse how an organisation can remain competitive and still implement WLB(Work -Life-Balance)practices.

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Research Paper
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Parental leave is one of the work life balance (WLB) practices which organizations implement by giving their male and female employees time off from work activities (De Cieri, Holmes, Abbott and Pettit, 2008, p. 90). This is often aimed at allowing these employees to have…

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As a result, the issue of parental leave has received a lot of attention within the Australian society and work environments. In the light of these reflections it is therefore evident that an organization or a company would adopt ad implement attractive parental leave agreements with their employees as a way of promoting the company image in the market. This will consequently lead to a competitive advantage of such companies over their business rivals.
In accordance to Shortland and Cummins (2007, p. 28), there are several costs which are associated with work places which are less flexible. For example when employees are not provided with parental leave, they often get disengaged and distracted. This leads to demotivation and attrition of a company’s employees and the resulted drop in the productivity (Guthrie, 2001, p. 180). Reduction of employee productivity also causes overall poor performance of a company within its market of operation. This reflects that the company loses its competitive advantage (Holland, Pyman, Cooper and Teicher, 2011, p. 98). Therefore, flexibility of work environment through WLB practices which are designed to offer parental leave causes companies to be more competitive. The legal system in Australia protects the rights of employees including their rights for parental leave. However, the laws as postulated by the legal system have not been enforced effectively which leads to companies failing to implement parental leave in their work agreements (De Cieri, Holmes, Abbott and Pettit, 2008, p. 98). A competitive advantage strategy can therefore be employed by a company through the parental leave employment agreement which leads to highly productive, creative and motivated workforce. This would however be achieved if a paid parental leave is provided to employees as an employee benefits form of motivation.
The implementation of WLB ...
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