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Essay example - New Virtual Society

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Read the essay "Relationships, Community, and Identity in the New Virtual Society" found in the Writing from Sources folder in the Resources section of Bridges. Then, complete the assignment by typing your answers directly into this document. (Note: replace the text in blue with…

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in Brown 30). In this respect, for example, while terminating relationships or turning down a candidate for open job position, a lot of individuals prefer to substitute face-to-face conversations for virtual methods of communication in order to avoid any embarrassment and try to prevent oneself from any negative emotions.
2. Cyberspace helps to widen communication and diversify person’s social ties, which, despite all advantages of virtual life, can stay quite unstable and weak. For instance, Brown states that “someone with more than 3,000 Facebook friends probably has more than 2,000 shallow friendships” (31). Even though, being a former classmate, coworker or merely an acquaintance from exhibition, each so-called “friend” from such a long list may have different relation to the owner of profile, not many social networks admit this disparity and provide relevant additional options for their users.
“In the new Virtual Society, we will see an increasing transition from basic matchmaking sites to sites that enable people to actually go out on online “dates” without ever leaving their desks. While face-to-face dating will never entirely disappear, the process - and even relationships themselves - will happen more and more in virtual space” (Brown 30)
According to the latest forecasts, in the future, dating sites will be more advanced implementing technological option that ensures virtuality of face-to-face dates. Hence, users will not be forced to leave their houses in case they wish to meet someone. Therefore, along with existence of traditional dating, virtual relationships and meetings will be widely popularized (Brown 30).
“More and more people regard the virtual world as a place where they can establish and maintain safer, less demanding relationships on their own time. Ease, flexibility, and relative anonymity will continue to be three key components on ...
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