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Book Report/Review example - Kims novel review

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Book Report/Review
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Rudyard Kipling was bred in the Indian subcontinent under the rule of the British Empire, which is suggested in almost all his writings as they concern the Indian society and the dynamics of Indian…

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The main character is an orphan of the Irish descent who is getting mature through life being self-sufficient on the roads of India. He is looked after by a “half-caste” lady, a warden of an opium den. An animated and spirited personality, Kim, though completely Irish-blooded, is raised up as a “local” and attains the capability to flawlessly merge into the numerous cultural and spiritual collections of the Indian subcontinent. Once he encounters a traveling Tibetan Lama who is searching for a holy stream; Kim becomes his disciple and continues on an expedition across the entire country of India. The author’s explanation of Kim’s journeys through the sub-continent provided him the chance to style the various populates and beliefs that constituted India, and a important share of the story is dedicated to such images, which unquestionably have been both praised as enchanted and farsighted and disparaged as conventional and imperialistic.
Kim in due course comes in contact with the militia troop that his dad had belonged to and creates the social contact of the colonel. Colonel Creighton distinguishes Kim’s inordinate aptitude for amalgamation into the various assorted ethos of the Indian sub-continent and helps him to become a secret agent and a cartographer for Britain’s army. The escapades that Kim experiences as a secret agent, his engaging connection with the lama, and the ability and workmanship of the author’s script indeed altogether produced this exploratory and evocative —if contentious — story to persevere as a trivial classic of ancient English prose.
The author, Rudyard Kipling apart from the portrayal of the British Raj in Indian subcontinent and the view of a normal Indian society has also presented forth an insight into the politics of the region. The politics of the British Raj and all the stakeholders involved in the running of the country, more particularly, the ...
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