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Health Care Access

And the people can simply chide him eventually in order to change his mind. Facts should clarify the right decision that should be made.
Because the fear and argument generated by the good governor was about heavy indebtedness and loss of sovereignty, this paper endeavoured to check on the validity behind his reasoning against supporting the Obama Health Care plan to improve Medicaid and to insure the public with health care insurance. Random sampling of empirical data was done to find out what is meant by the possibility of losing sovereignty. Findings reveal that the total debts of USA are below the average in terms of percentage growth of total debts of the world since 2001. Compared to nine (9) out of eleven (11) countries included in the random sample, it shows that annual increases in US debts are normal. Details are shown in Table 1. The total debt statistics of ten other countries – UK, France, Japan, China, Canada, Israel, India, Russia, Germany, and Saudi Arabia – were chosen at random for comparison with the USA’s debts.
(Source: USA Department of Health & Human Services 2012. Fiscal Year 2013 Budget in Brief: Stengthening Health and Opportunity for All Americans. Viewed October 8, 2012 @ )
USA ave. = (31.7 less 11.7 ) / 10 years = $ 2 K / year or less than 10% average increase of debts per year. The average increase or decrease is computed by $ 2K divided by the average of ($ 31.7 + 11.7) / 2, or $ 2 K / 21.7 = 9.22 % average increase in debts per year .from 2001 to 2011. This means that USA has been controlling its debt increases per year compared to the average growth of debts of the whole world.
UK ave. = (31.5 less 9.6 ) / 10 years = $ 2.19 K / year or more than 10% average increase of debts per year. The average increase or decrease is computed by $ 2.19 K divided by the average of ...
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Many local and international newspapers flashed the report that Governor Rick Perry will not heed the Federal Health Law that expands Medicaid and the provision of alternative ways for the people to have health insurance. His argument was about the danger of losing sovereignty…
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