Social Work masters coursework pertaining to "The Jacques Family Case Study"

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Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is best described by psychological, sexual or physical harm that is caused by one’s current or former partner or spouse. This form of violence can occur to all types of marriages and doesn’t require involving sexual intimacy. IPV can be…


The Social Learning theory argues that the tendencies to be involved in violent acts can be transmitted from one generation to the other. The Feminist Theory, on the other hand, argues that male dominance in the society has an overall effect on how relationships work and is based (Jewkes, 2002).
From an assessment point, violence may be caused by among other factors stress from the work place or generally hardships from life itself, partners who experienced child abuse are also more likely to be involved in violent acts, poverty is also a contributing factor (Bachman & Saltzman, 1995), Use of drugs and alcohol is also another factor that causes IPV. Children who have been raised in families that have very strict family values and traditions are also likely to experience these bouts of violence (Bachman & Saltzman, 1995).
From the case study, we can learn a few things. Mrs. Jacques has been through violent lifestyle right from when she was young. Based on the description of her children that has been given, the Social Learning Theory has been extended to her children by her. In addition,, her youngest son has been shown to exhibit violent behavior by being very rough with her siblings and when playing and not following instructions which are traits that are directly attributable to Mr Jacques. In another case is that where we are shown of the feminist theory. Mrs. Jacques believes that she has to be very supportive of her husband and believes that he is always right. Her mother also approves of this when she says that she should stay at home with the kids. Another assumption that has been made is where Mr Jacques could have been violent as a result of work or his over use of drugs. Mr. Jacques could also have come from a background that was overly strict and, thus, he might have carried forward those attributes to his family.
To be able to engage the family there should be a number of factors to ...
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