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Essay example - Who will win the Senate election in Montana

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This is a highly anticipated election as most politicians are seeking a second term in office. They are strongly opposed by other…

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In this forthcoming Montana election, it will be a battle between the incumbent senator Jon Tester and Republican congressman Deny Rehberg. The incumbent Tester was elected in the year 2006 alongside other senators (Books LLC, 2010). Tester was elected during the unpopular contest involving Bush and Cheney. During this time, senator Tester was not widely popular in the state. As such, he only garnered a slim majority of the votes in a contest with Conrad Burns. Although Conrad Burns had a three term service, he was defeated by the incumbent senator Tester.
Senator Tester is a moderate politician who has been influential in the Democrat’s politics. As such, he has garnered popularity in the senate, with many democrats liking his tenure in office. He is widely known as a longtime family business farmer with diligence in his working. In addition, he has served in the United States Senate for four terms, which makes him a veteran politician. It is confirmed that in the last term of serving in the United States Senate, he was a residing officer. In 1998, senator Tester was immensely outraged by huge energy rates hiking. This made him outburst in anger to condemn these acts (Norquist & Lott, 2012). As such, this was an inspiration to run for an elective post so as to have a better position in condemning the huge energy rates hikes. Although he has a number of responsibilities, Senator Tester is also part of banking, prestigious appropriations, and homeland security committees. With all these delegations, he is positioned to approach a large number of people in executing his duties.
A worthy opponent in Montana senate seat to oppose the incumbent senator Tester is Denny Rehberg. Rehberg is a long serving Congressman with six terms in office. Although he was a sole House of Representatives member, he has been successful in becoming a governor from 1991 to 1997. Rehberg also has been able to serve in the Montana ...
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