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People may have moral principles without holding to any religious faith; therefore, it is significant to note that religion and morality are two distinct entities although there is a relationship between the two in terms of morals and religious views. In this case, both religion…

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Further, some people do not reason about some practices such as singing praise songs when worshipping in order to endorse their faith or belief system. On the other hand, morality can be independent of any belief system because it concerns much about what the society considers and accepts as good and acceptable behavior concerning most aspects of relationships, life, and inter-actions (Statman and Sagi 42).
If religion is taken as a basis for morality, morality is strengthened because religious faiths are significant in offering morality direction and guidance of actions that are virtuous in a materialistic and corrupt world. In addition, it is not easy to differentiate right or evil from wrong unless a person has infinite or divine reference point, which in real sense is good. Religion provides this infinite reference point (Statman and Sagi 46). In addition, morality is strengthened because it is via religion that the platform of determining what is good or bad is ...
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