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Many of the women in this world are struggling because of poor financial abilities. In some fundamental societies, women forced to limit their activities within the boundaries of their home. The major reason for male domination in our society is the superior financial abilities of men over women. It should be noted that in many families men are working while the women are looking after the family matters. In such families, men do believe that they are working hard for the family and hence they need more recognition. They often neglect the hard labour undertaken by women in kitchen and in other family matters. Since the hard work in kitchen is often gone unnoticed, men do not have respect towards such hard labour. They never experienced the agony of managing a kitchen and looking after the needs of children. Men often label kitchen work as an unproductive works and their work as the productive work. In other words, men tend to believe that only the salaried profession is productive whereas unsalaried profession is non-productive. Because of such traditional beliefs, men often tend to neglect the hard work of women and try to dominate them. It should be noted that in India like countries, the government is considering a law to recognize and respect the hard works of women in kitchen and home. If passed by the parliament, husbands in India should provide a percentage of their financial earnings to their wives as a salary for the kitchen work. If the women have good jobs, such humiliating experiences may not occur to them.
It is difficult for a woman to get an ideal or good husband. Even good husbands behave badly at times. In other words, it is difficult to have a 100% good husband. The concept of good husband is not at all absolute; but it is relative and subjective. Women often compare their husbands with other’s husbands while labelling their husband as good or bad. When a ...
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For them, it is difficult to manage family life and professional life in an equal manner since many of the parameters of professional life may cause problems to family life. Such…
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