Information Technology Architectures

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In fact, the execution of the daily tasks is a great deal more dependent on technology based systems. In this scenario, the successful implementation of new…


Express Store (ES) is expanding its business chain of hardware stores across the country. Additionally, the company has recently launched a new business strategic plan that is aimed at improving business functionality by reducing internal costs, increasing cross-selling of products and exploiting new web-based technologies to help employees, customers, and suppliers work together to improve the procurement, delivery and sale of its wide ranges of products. In this scenario, the business is planning to implement a new corporate intranet for the effective management of business operations and processes. The major objective of the company is to improve business through application of a web based platform. This web based platform will provide an excellent support for e-business, e-marketing, online sales and business dealings.
Express Store is a hardware selling firm with a number of business chains spread all through the nation. This business has decided to implement a new technology based e-commerce system for the potential improvement of business and corporate performance. This new e-commerce business technology is aimed at improving overall corporate performance.
The new proposed technology based system of Express Store business will be based on the web based platform. The new web based platform will be equipped with new state-of-the-art ecommerce support services, communication setup, management collaboration and reporting setup and most importantly stock control setup. These all features will make the new technology based platform of the Express Store’s project an effective platform for the corporate tasks and operational areas management. Here are the following main deliverables of the Express Store project:
Express Store business is going to implement a new e-commerce technology that is basically an initial step to digitize the business network. Here the new technology will create a cloud of ...
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