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America's Nuclear Meltdown towards "Global Zero"

• Most important concepts, theories, or ideas needed to understand & solve problem?
In order to understand the reluctance of countries towards achieving a unanimous agreement to abandon nuclear warfare, it is important to understand not only the reasons which led to the development and continued maintenance of their nuclear military sections (as given in the article) but also the reasons why a Global Zero is necessary and important for the security of the global population. Further, the warfare, political power plays and hidden motives and feelings of the countries should also be considered- what are they fearing or hoping?
• How author defines these?
For the author, these reasons revolve against geographical conflicts, defensive strategy and political decisions keeping in mind the actions of the rival countries. It appears from the article that all countries truly want to achieve a nuclear weapon free world but actions of the others are preventing them from reaching that level of trust.
• Does the author take any assumptions regarding these as for granted or make any questionable assumptions?
The only assumption made is that the intention of the countries involved is to eventually get rid of nuclear armaments, as evidenced from explicit political statements. Even if this isn’t true, the implicit intentions cannot be judged as it would have moved the tone of the article away from neutral and factual grounds and into an opinionated piece. ...
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The article aims to inform the reader about the positions of a few the countries on nuclear disarmament. By providing historical facts about possible conflicts of interest and results previous international treaties on the issue, author lets the reader understand the problems and reasons that are hindering reaching a global zero. …
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