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Personal Theory of Counseling

For instance, if a client suffers from bouts of depression, I should explain how he acquired those symptoms of depression, think of ways and strategies on changing his behavior, and predict how he is going to respond to my psychotherapy strategies. According to J. Sommers-Flanagan and R. Sommers-Flanagan (2012), predictions are important because they determine what techniques to be used, the duration of therapy, and the manner in which the therapy is going to affect the client.
Humans are extremely complex entities in nature. They vary in terms of thinking, behavior, and obviously the physical aspect. This is the reason why we often heard that human beings are indeed unique creations. Despite being viewed as complex entities, I believe there are a whole lot of perspectives in understanding human nature. In my personal views, our thoughts and other cognitive processes affect our emotions and behaviors; in other words, I believe in the cognitive, behavioral paradigm. Corey (2012) likewise believes that thinking and feeling are important aspects in understanding human nature, but do not give us limitations on exploring other dimensions, such as knowing the manner in which the clients behave. I also agree with some of the views presented in the psychoanalytic theory, such that the past plays an important role in shaping our present behavior and personality, but I also argue that humans are not victims of their past; I still believe that it is inherent among humans to seek for their own free will. The past serves as an important factor that influences our present behavior, but it is a hopeless case to view it as something that hampers individual from changing that deterministic view.
Conditioning and learning are two very important factors accounting for changes in behavior. Early childhood accounts for the important stage with which to change or illicit a ...
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My personal theory of counseling resembles that of a problem-solving mechanism: you trace the causes or roots of the problem, identify the strategies and solutions applicable to the problem, and implement those strategies. This personal theory coincides with the basic definition…
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