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What is the REAL link between violence and mental disorder? How do the media present mental disorder? Is this fair and accurate reresentation? - Essay Example

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When he reads in the newspaper, that a young simpleton altar boy, Aaron Stampler has been arrested with the suspicion of murder of the beloved Archbishop Rushman of a Chicago Church, Martin Vail rushes to his defence and takes the case pro-bono. This was something unusual for…

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What is the REAL link between violence and mental disorder? How do the media present mental disorder? Is this fair and accurate reresentation?

Although, he had taken the case just for the publicity, as Vail further investigates the case, he develops sympathy for Stampler as he becomes convinced that he is innocent. His sympathy and concern for Stampler reaches at such a level that Vail is ready to fight to all extents against his former lover Janet Venable, who is acting as the prosecutor.
Nevertheless, during his investigation, Vail also discovers that the Archbishop had made some powerful enemies due to his insistence on not developing and selling Church lands. Surprisingly enough, he also found out that the Archbishop was sexually abusing altar boys. Vail is tempted to submit this evidence to the court because the same would increase the sympathy for the boy, but at the same time, it will also provide him with a clear motive for murder, something which was missing from the equation of the arguments of the prosecution. Vail decides not to make this evidence public and instead, decides to question Aaron, during which Aaron continuously insists that he is innocent and does not remember anything despite the fact that he was found feeling the crime scene with blood all over the clothes.
When Vail intensifies his aggressive line of questioning and mentions the sex tape, Aaron finally breaks down and suddenly transforms into a violent, rude, sociopathic personality and starts to refer himself as “Roy”. “Roy” confesses to the murder of Archbishop and cites the molestation and abuse as the reason behind the same. “Roy” also throws Vail against the wall in the heat of the moment, but when things are allowed to cool down, he transforms back to his original personality. He knows claims that he has no recollection of the events. It becomes apparent to the Vail that he is suffering from some serious mental illness. The psychiatrist examining Aaron also confirms that the Aaron is suffering from multiple personality disorder. As a child, he faced mental problems due to childhood abuse from his ...
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