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Topic 10:Great Basin :Precontact life ways ,changes during contact, and colonialism.

The Mountain ranges are cultivated with Sagebrush grasslands, whereas at higher elevations Juniper and Pinyon have been planted, and the forest areas are filled with huge oak trees. These resources are fresh and are yet to be utilized. The first Europeans to enter and get settled in the Great Basin were the nomadic Indians. These resources were used by them and flourishing uder the circumstances, their own culture.
The book “First Civilizations of the North” by Davidson says, “Stories told about the past have power over both the present and the future. Until recently, most students were taught that American history began several centuries ago—with the “discovery” of America by Columbus, or with the English colonization of Jamestown and Plymouth. History books ignored or trivialized the continent’s precontact history. But the reminders of that hidden past are everywhere. Scattered across the United States are thousands of ancient archaeological sites and hundreds of examples of monumental architecture, still imposing even after centuries of erosion, looting, and destruction”(Davidson, 1993, p.4)
Before the Americans settled in the Great Basin, it comprised of indigenous population who came in search to fulfil physical requirements such as the different natural resources as well as mental requirements such as new perspective into various aspects of life.
The Paleo-Indian Period: This period prevailed for a long lapse of time and the people who existed during this period came to be known as the Paleo Indians, who were known for their dynamic and fully enthusiastic approach towards life. They did not follow the hunting pattern of the native Clovis people, rather they adhered to the dietary pattern.
The Archaic Period: This period was the dry period during which land as well as other natural resources dried up, and people began to depend on dry nuts and seeds as their source of food. Hunting and gaming were the chief ...
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Their social relationship reflected a strong bond as well as mutual understanding among them. The Great Basin is rich in terms of mother nature having showered her with several…
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