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Political Influence and Legal Issues of Google Glass (To include economics and considerations) - Research Paper Example

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Google Glass is a technological specs or more precisely a wearable computer that is enabled to display information in a similar way that a smartphone does but in a voice recognition format. The device can follow the normal voice…

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Political Influence and Legal Issues of Google Glass (To include economics and considerations)

There has been increased hype across the invention and launch of Google glass in the technological sector. The pros and cons of the highly innovative design of the wearable computer are being evaluated by critics as well as the consumers. Major political and legal issues are likely to arise out of the launch of this device in the market. Analysts have raised the question of Google Glass becoming a technological device that can be misused to invade the privacy of people as well as create infringements in intellectual properties and patents. This research report aims to study and evaluate the political, legal and economic impacts of this new invention by Google Inc. The major objectives of the report are to answer the following questions:
An effective and justified research methodology should be followed to ensure the preparation of a robust research report. Secondary data collection follows a process in which data is collected from different recorded information gathered and monitored by the different companies, academic organizations, business people, academicians and scholars. In this report, secondary research is extensively done because the Google Glass is new product to be launched in the market and a number of people are writing articles about the product. The research methodology in this research report follows the collection of secondary data from different journals, articles and academic and company websites. The research methodology includes a theoretical review of the different works proposed by scholars regarding the connection between privacy issues and technological innovations. Also, emphasis is given on analysing the findings from the secondary research regarding the political, legal and economic impacts of the Google Glass. The potential threats related to the launch of the Google Glass from the privacy and infringement of intellectual property rights are discussed and evaluated. The research is concluded by the presentation of suitable ...
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