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Research Paper example - Collaborative networks

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Research Paper
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In this era where there is global integration, partner and network structures and electronic connectivity, work is performed frequently and integrated using distributed, networks and teams or geographical dispersion. The aspect of globally distributed teams simply refers to a…

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A major characteristic of having a distributed structure is that even though communications of the team may occur from face to face at times, most part of the work is accomplished when the members are usually geographical separated (Johansen, 1999).
Using computer databases resources of papers in Information Technology, Communication and Geography, we will be able to construct collaboration networks among the globally distributed team engaged in airport construction in the third world countries. The reason for selecting these papers is because they will give a variety of the properties that are required in developing a model for an effective global network. The papers will also provide apparent differences that are involved in collaboration networks.
The aim of this research paper is to come up with a model that will support globally distributed teams that are engaged in airport construction in the third world countries. Third world countries are known to have low stock based on their infrastructure capability especially in transportation and energy as well as the potential of information technology which have not yet been harnessed fully. The importance that is brought by air transport in countries cannot be measured as it is highly satisfactory. Airport construction in these regions that are not well exploited should be enhanced in order to improve the connectivity as well as the global reach. The need for airport facilities in the third world countries has to be enhanced not only by the quality and amount of physical infrastructure but also by the way in which the distributed team engaged in the construction of the airports are managed. It is necessary for communications and control to be steered up between the distributed team in the regions for better results.
In order to curb the gap that exists in the third world countries with regards to the infrastructure the proposed approach of building ...
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