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reflective diary - Essay Example

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It is through effective communication that I have been able to understand the world, people, and situations. Throughout the module, I learnt that effective communication helps in building trust…

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reflective diary

of communicating effectively through training and development; however, most of the learning is acquired through automatic learning in natural settings. In either case, effective communication has proved critical throughout my life, both in school and at home. Effective communication involves skills such as active listening, nonverbal communication skills, stress management, and emotional control. In writing this reflective diary, I used the Cook’s 4R’s of reflective practice because it is simple and straightforward to use. Cook’s model of reflection consists of four stages; these are recollection, reaction, reflection, and response.
During the beginning of this module, I engaged in effective communication with my peers and tutors. Some cases required active learning among the peers as we progressed through the module. Communication with the Course Committee also required engaging in sending and receiving messages with great caution, as it was necessary to ensure both parties send and receive the messages in their exact forms. While we were making groups for role-play, it was sometimes difficult to reach amicable solutions to issues especially those that were characterized with conflicting decisions. We had to sit down as a group and discuss all issues that were affecting the process of our role-play. We accepted our individual differences and cultural diversities, and focused on the goals of our assignment. Effective communication was a critical ingredient in this process. The Course Committee advised us to seek clarification all the time in case we had any issues with preparation of the role-play and reflective diary preparation.
I learnt various methods of communication in delivering messages. These methods include written, oral, and non-verbal communication. Written messages are the most frequently used mode of communication in organizations (Holliday, Hyde, and Kullman, 2010). The types of written communication include memos, letters, periodicals, ...
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