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This is my weekly routine before I go to the supermarket for shopping foodstuffs. A rough estimate of this waste equated to $12 which is about eight percent the grocery bill I handle every week.
Another inclination on the same is the waste of textiles. I realized that my family would throw away several clothes every week and sometimes it included shoes, beddings and curtains. I realized that I threw away at least one cloth every week and that makes my expenditure on the same rise even though am comfortable with the same.
There has also been waste associated with paper. This originates mainly from the used paper towels, packaging material, cut-outs of magazines and newspapers. I realized with the kind of artwork my younger sister is in to, we throw away such waste amounting to about 4 kg per week. This is regardless of other biodegradable substances she uses when drawing or painting.
Polythene materials and plastic such as packaging material also form part of the materials that are thrown away. Since I do most of the grocery shopping during the weekend and most of the stuff I buy is packed using this material, it came to my attention that this was the main reason why I do collect a lot of polythene material for disposal every week. Glass can also be accounted as waste though it is not consistent. This may include breakage of cups or tumblers.
My parents always complain how we are poor eaters and they would always try and tell us stories referencing to their days. They would at least not take one meal out of the typical three in a day because of the economic status of their parents at the time. This kind of garbage insinuates the idea that the family has more than enough to eat and spare. This is despite the fact the family does not maximize these products. This may portray the household as either a middle class or a high class family because the children therein are able to dispose at least ...
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According to Stephen and Hawkins (73), different individuals value things quite differently which also means they have different attitudes towards wasting things. The most prevalent waste I did identify is food. It is estimated that citizens in United States throw away about 20…
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