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Conspiracy theory about aliens - Research Paper Example

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Conspiracy theory about aliens

However, since there is no hard evidence for their existence, hence this paper argues that aliens are not real.
It is very logical to be skeptic on the issue of the existence of aliens, because their existence is such a statement that is extraordinary, and any statement that is extra ordinary requires extraordinary evidence, which has never been put forward. Once in a blue moon, somebody sights strange lights in the sky, or an aircraft maneuvering in a bizarre fashion before disappearing, or a weird object lying in a desolate place, and calls it evidence that the earth is being visited by extraterrestrial beings called aliens. Is it logical enough to call these claims as hard evidences leading to the existence of aliens? Unbelievable. Vaeni (371) states: “Aliens aren’t real, they’re hallucinations and misinterpretations. They are a pop culture phenomenon. They are a conspiracy from the government…” There are a lot of activities that humans are conducting in space for the sake of research, scrutiny and security; and, sighting some of these moves and calling them extraterrestrial activities is purely unreasoned, irrational and humorous.
Moreover, it is not rational to believe that life can exist in the form of beings like us or other forms in other planets, where there is no air, water or food. Research has been done which proves that there is no such thing found in other planets that may be able to support life in any form. Srivastava (79) writes in his book: “Our earth is a unique planet; we have all those conditions, which are not found on any other planet. Here we have air, water soil and minerals, moderate temperatures suitable for sustaining life on earth.” Then, how is it possible that life exists on other planets? It is matter of common sense that since earth can support life, human beings can sustain life and become individuals that use modern tools and technologies to bring comfort to their lives. The conditions of earth support ...Show more


We, as humans, are the most perfect creation of God, and it seems out of logical explanation how other forms of beings can be present in the universe. Whether aliens are real or not…
Author : osinskigarret
Conspiracy theory about aliens essay example
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