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Gun Control: Infringement on the 2nd Amendment?

A number of Supreme Court rulings have strengthen this position of the second amendment and confirmed that this right protects individual and not militia rights to bear and use guns in the country. The incorporation of the bills of right has infringed on the ability of the state and local governments to suspend the provision of the second amendment as a way of promoting gun control in the country (McGovern, 2012).
With the increase wave of violence in the United States, different groups have argued that the provisions of the second amendment have affected the ability of the government to curtail gun use in the country. In this paper, the impact of the second amendment on the gun control approaches in the country will be discussed, providing an overview of how this provision of the United States constitution has promoted gun ownership and control in the country (McGovern, 2012).
This issue has existed in different countries and the approaches adopted by the governments have changed with the changing within the united states. During the slave error in the United States, slaves were not allowed to own and carry guns in the country though the second amendment was in place by then. Following the abolition of slavery in the country, the black code laws were established which restricted black people in the country from owning guns. However, the enactment of the civil rights act by the congress in 1986 overrode a number of provisions within the black code act and this allowed blacks to own guns in the country (Alters, 2011).
However, a number of laws were established especially within the southern states which decreased the accessibility to cheap guns in within the states. The desire to control gun use in the United States gained momentum in the 20th century when the congress passed a law in 1927 that prohibited the mailing ...
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The current wave of gun violence in the United States has led to an increased gun control debate in the country as different human rights organizations advocate for stronger gun control laws. Different countries across the world have independent strict gun control laws but the…
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