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The history of tequila in mexico

Known as the tree of miracles, the Agave plant is the only source of Tequila drink (Earth Bar Magazine 1) where it takes about nine years for an agave plant to be ready for harvesting, processing, and distilling to make the Tequila drink. The history of Tequila in Mexico confirms that the drink is a symbol of cultural heritage with a cultural significance that supersedes the status of alcoholic beverage (James 1).
The process that produces Tequila represents a cultural blend as it defines the indigenous Prehispanic culture of Jalisco, Mexico and the emergence of the Spanish distillation process (Festa 1). This marked a Spanish and Mexican cultural blend (James 1). This cultural blend has passed to the current generation where the production and consumption of Tequila in Mexico portrays a cultural blend. The ancient tribe of Mexico, the Aztecs, the Chichimecans, the Otomies, the Toltecan’s, and the Nahuatls who drank beverages made from the Agave plant initiated the history of the Tequila in Mexico (Earth Bar Magazine 1). Indeed, the Aztecs were the first people to ferment sap from the local agave plants that made Tequila in the pre-Hispanic times (La Cava del Tequila 1). On the other hand, the Nahuatl’s worshipped the Agave plant that made Tequila (Earth Bar Magazine 1).
The blue agave plant that produces sugar that later forms Tequila is native to northwestern state of Jalisco (Earth Bar Magazine 1). The arrival of the Spaniards in Tequila, which is in a region of Techinchan in the old Aztec Empire and Jalisco state of Mexico, led to the introduction of the European influence on Tequila (Earth Bar Magazine 1). In the 1000 B.C the Mayan and Aztec leaders produced and consumed pulque, which was North Americas first known alcoholic beverage (La Cava del Tequila 1). The Mayan and Aztec leaders made the pulque drink from the fermented maguey plant’s sap (La Cava del Tequila 1). The ...
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Being the first distilled and commercially produced alcohol in Mexico, Tequila has a unique history with Mexico (Thomas 1). Indeed, most Mexicans have been consuming the Tequila drink especially…
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