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Assignment example - changes in attitudes towards sex

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High school
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“Issues like what we view as sex, what we view as sexual, who we perceive to be legitimately involved in sexual activities, and what conditions we believe must be part…

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As a result of the growing influence of media on the society, American family system has been affected in a variety of negative ways. The collective effect of changing attitudes toward sex has been of weakening the family as the building block of the society. American society is becoming increasingly approving of the gay rights. For every man who gets married to a man, at least two otherwise heterosexual couples, and the whole families associated with them are destroyed. A positive effect of these changing attitudes toward sex is that sex education today has become more of a need than a choice. More people can be educated on the risks of unhealthy sexual behaviors. A negative effect, however, is that more educated people advocate in favor of abortion associating it with women’s liberty and freedom, thus increasing the rate of abortions in the country (Aulette, 2010, p. 215). Overall, circumstances have become conducive for increase in the premarital sex amongst ...
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