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project Management 8

Change process always aims at improving the operations of business organizations. Correction of spelling error in the name of products is very important because it ensures that customers do not get confused or doubtful when purchasing our products. Correct spelling creates an idea that the company pays attention to details in all aspects of making products. Quality of products must be assured through the correct and accurate packaging; packaging is very important because it is what the customer analyzes first when purchasing a product, therefore, all packaging characteristics including the spellings must be correct (Western Electric Company, 2007). The quality assurance department should be strengthened with adequate technical knowledge; this is because the department is tasked with ensuring flawless production processes; from raw material acquisition, product manufacturing, and finally packaging. The employees of Winsome must be encouraged to ensure production of superior products through the spirit of teamwork; which ensures effective achievement of overall product objectives. The production process should be automated to ensure consistency in quality of products.
The change process will have an immediate implication in the financial budget. This is because the change programs will utilize financial resources. Correcting the spelling errors on the packages will involve producing new and correct packages which is a costly affair. Setting up an effective quality assurance sector can involve the hiring of quality experts; hence the wage bill will increase (Shewhart, 2011).
Effective human relation approaches ensures sound working relations among employees, and also teamwork. Employees should not threaten to report coworkers to superior; any mistake in the production process should be discussed (Feigenbaum, 2009). This is where teamwork comes in because employees work together in solving ...
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There are several areas that need to be improved in the production processes of Winsome; for efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction to be realized. The first change involves correcting the spelling error in the name of our product, found on the outer packaging. The…
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