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Trend of Food Truck in University city of Philadelphia

result, communities across the country from Philadelphia to Los Angeles have become a crucial part of the ongoing movement of finding out better ways of managing and regulating mobile vending (Spelman, 2010).
Lifestyle and policies are found to be the key elements that have led to the tremendous increase in the number of food trucks in the city. Most of the people in the city prefer fast foods especially considering the fact that the city has a consistently growing population of students because of the two major universities (Stadd, 2011). This can be supported by the fact that most of the food trucks in the city have been on campus stalwarts for many years though their numbers has dramatically increased in the recent past. This means that majority of the people eating in food trucks are youths and a persons who are below 40s who are usually casually dressed. Lack of clear policies regulating the business is also believed to be another key attribute of the immense boom of this business (Edge, 2012).
Food trucks in the University City are more popular than the ordinary restaurants because of the variety of foods they offer at relatively lower prices. Most of them use large vehicles that are installed with high-tech cooking gadgets as well as sanitation devices that provide sophisticated and safe cuisine commonly prepared to order rather than being precooked. This gives food truck an upper hand in the food and service industry compared to ordinary restaurants. Therefore, local governments should introduce favorable policies that would regulate food trucks and that will incorporate food trucks into the fabric of the city (Ercolani, 2013).
The proposed research study will be conducted using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, meaning that the researcher will use qualitative and quantitative research concepts. The targeted respondents in this case include 50 customers of the food trucks and 10 food truck companies. Using a hybrid of these two ...
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It is believed that more than 50,000 travelers use the station on daily basis (Pickren, 2013). The increase of number of commuters in the…
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