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Program evaluating - Article Example

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Key elements involved in the enactment of this model involve the intervention program (such as the forum for youth investment), informed stakeholders and pre-existing youth programs. The intervention programs will seek to evaluate on the performance of the youth programs, with…

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Program evaluating

The immediate targets remains anchored at quantifying the effectiveness of the youth oriented programs. This is with regard to their capacity to achieve the ultimate goal that were captured in their designing or structuring. These measures will allow for the deduction of the possible adjustments that may be engaged in the singular youth programs.
The intermediate targets nested on this program remains captured under the identification of the skills harboured by the youths and their input in the respective investments. This is anchored along the description of the respective nation and institution of learning on the attributes of investment. This is conceptualized on the concept of youth investment as fathomed by the aforementioned stakeholders.
The success of youth investment in the market remains the elemental goal of the intervention program. This is in regard to the capacity of the youth to investment as well as being able to make meaningful sustainability of such initiatives. Having the youths willing and participating in the investment remains ascribed in the long term interests of the intervention program.
Eventual improvement of the livelihoods of the youths remains the ultimate goal of the program. This is to be achieved via the involvement of committed stakeholders that will steer the ultimate focus towards its ...
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